Los Angeles, California – The United States of America
BACK … yes! After 14 months of pure adventure … much longer than I had originally intended … I’m here. Actually, been back for exactly three weeks now. Nothing much has happened. Well, yes … but no. Seen lots of people … and then sometimes I feel like I haven’t seen anyone. Miss the desert folks … the Tribe … but hopefully I can find some of them this weekend. You see, since I don’t have a car to more around with, I’ve been pretty immobile. Sort of isolated here in distant Sierra Madre … an expedition’s distance from anything of note.

People don’t really walk too much in LA. I don’t really need to go over this … it’s a car city. But there are actually options for us two-footers … and I’ve been forced to use them. Lucky for me, the new Gold Line of the Metro ends a few miles away. A nice bus or bike ride downhill, and I’m there. In 40 relaxing, sight-filled minutes, I’m at Union Station (the police station in Blade Runner) and in 40 more subterranean ones I reappear in Hollywood thanks to the Red Line. Then there’s buses everywhere. It’s a gigantic city … and although it’s very inconvenient to not have a car … life is possible.

Did the high school reunion. It was fantastic. It was great. My only wish is that more of my closer friends had shown up. Unfortunately, too many of them are the “too cool for school” type. More on the whole thing some other time.

So anyways, folks. I’m connected again. Back to hours in front of my old friend: my lovely monitor. I’m loving it. It’s catch-up time. Expect more image galleries and more general reminiscing.

It’s a hopeful time. It’s good to be back.