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Someone in a knife afficionado forum asks:

“I think the president should carry a knife! which knife do you think obama should carry? even if you dont support him. i would have to say Spyderco Police”

Hilarity ensues.  Naturally, a couple of guys recommend a Jambiya or a scimitar … you know, because he’s a Muslin.  Another guy recommends “anything made in Communist China” … you know, because he’s a Commie.  Some guys say that he’s a liberal wimp who would be too afraid to carry one.  A few too many recommended tanto for him to commit seppuku (real patriotic, guys).  Finally, magic happens and one guy says:

“Carry one ? most likely he will take ours away.”

That’s right guys, Obama the Gay Muslim Communist is not content with simply taking away everyone’s guns, but he’s coming after your knives, too.  And when he has them all, he’s going to stab you in the back with them.

Thankfully, there were a few reasonable posts in that thread.  One guy said:
“The President doesn’t even carry a wallet or keys. He’s got a big group of deadly trained agents surrounding him.”

“Obama will need a multi-tool….
There are so many things in this nation that need fixed and repaired.”

And finally, someone decides to be the signal amidst the noise:
Of course he should carry a made-in-the-USA Case Eisenhower pen knife. And he better keep it sharp enough to cut through all the crap.”